Ethics Opinions 1979- Present

2012 OK LEG ETH 02 Attorney using personal credit card for client expenses in order to receive points or awards (7/3/13)
2012 OK LEG ETH 01 Plaintiff’s counsel contacting client’s medical providers and offering to prepare a lien (2012) 
2011 OK LEG ETH 02
Indemnification provisions in settlements by plaintiff’s counsel as to defendant and its insurer (11/22/11) 
Opinion 327  Insurance company supervising staff counsel program requiring minimum number of trials for increased compensation (03/21/09) 
Opinion 326  Publicly funded criminal defense lawyer contributing personal funds to client’s prison account 
Opinion 325  Taking contingency fee from damages award plus statutory awarded attorney fees 
Opinion 324  Award of attorney fees and costs made in connection with a discovery dispute in addition to contingency fee

Opinion 323  Indemnification of plaintiff/client of attorney fees and costs awarded to defendant 
Opinion 322  City councilor as attorney before own municipal courts
Opinion 321  Referring personal injury clients to a chiropractic business in which the lawyer owns an interest (04/20/06)
Opinion 320  Listing settlements and jury awards in advertisements (10/04)
Opinion 319  Suspended or disbarred lawyers doing delegated tasks for other lawyers (12/13/02)
Opinion 318 In-house counsel for aircraft title company counseling employer’s customers/clients (12/13/02)
Opinion 317  “Non-refundable” fee agreements (12/13/02)
Opinion 316  Estate planning lawyer with license to sell and interest in financial products provider (12/14/01)
Opinion 315  Listing Texas certification of specialization in Yellow Page directories (12/15/00)
Opinion 314  Insurance company submitting insured’s attorney fee bills to third party auditors (12/15/00)
Opinion 313 Improper influence and ex parte contacts with eminent domain commissioners proceeding (09/15/00)
Opinion 312 Arbitration provisions in fee agreement (08/18/00)
Opinion 311
Sexual relationship with client after representation begins (10/16/98)
Opinion 310  Effect of advisory opinions predating significant changes in law governing advertising and solicitation (03/27/98)
Opinion 309  Representation of insureds by lawyers who are employees of a liability insurer (03/27/98)
Opinion 308  Sexual relationship with clients during representation (12/9/94) [Withdrawn 3/95]
Opinion 307  Lawyer or staff recording conversations without consent (03/5/94)
Opinion 306  Contingency fee on med-pay when the insurance company has not denied coverage (12/18/92)
Opinion 305  Representation by lawyer who is an official or employee of municipality in matters before the municipality (12/18/92) [Withdrawn 11/18/94]
Opinion 304  Ex parte communications with physician for an adverse party (11/17/89)
Opinion 303  Interest on client funds paid with client’s consent to third party with tax exempt status (1986)
Opinion 302  Judges in courts not of record attorneys’ acting as criminal defense counsel in other courts (9/13/85)
Opinion 301  Donating attorney’s files to historical or educational institutions because the files contain matters of historical significance (6/16/83)
Opinion 300  Firm using names of deceased or retired members in communications (9/18/81)
Opinion 299  Propriety of contingent fee contracts in divorce cases Adopted (9/18/81) [Readopting Advisory Opinion No. 41 issued 11/25/32]
Opinion 298  Acting as both executor and attorney on an estate and collecting a fee (1980)
Opinion 297  Acquiring a mortgage or security interest in property to secure attorney fee where property is subject of litigation (5/16/80)
Opinion 296  Accepting private employment by a municipal board in matter in which lawyer had previously represented the board as municipal employee (7/18/80)
Opinion 295  Returning client files, and cost of photocopies (3/16/79)